Pik-Nik Cheese Sticks


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Brand: Pik-Nik
Country of Origin: Lithuania

Split cheese sticks “Pik-Nik” are healthy, natural food rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins. Split cheese sticks are wrapped in a hygienic package, so it is convenient to take them on a journey or trip.
• One cheese stick “Pik-Nik” is equal to one glass of milk.
• One cheese stick “Pik-Nik” contains 20 percent of daily calcium intake.
• No preservatives, no artificial colours and artificial flavour.
• Tasty snack to nibble on while enjoying a beer or a glass of wine.
• Source of calcium, rich in phosphorus, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Pack Sizes:
Pik-Nik Kids Peelable Cheese Sticks 84g
Pik-Nik Classic Peelable Cheese Sticks 168g
Pik-Nik Savoury Peelable Cheese Sticks 126g
Pik-Nik Jalapeno Peelable Cheese Sticks 126g